Fronteq people

Fronteq people are our own employees. Those who, every day, make sure to give their utmost to develop, manufacture and market our products so that every customer feels satisfied and in the right hands.

Get to know us at Fronteq in Götene, Umeå and Bygdsiljum some more! 

Peter Nyberg welder and safety representative at Fronteq

Peter Nyberg - Welder and safety representative

As a welder, Peter believes that it is not about welding parts together. The work involves providing Fronteq's customers with quality products. His favourite products are the tilt couplers because they are the most advanced to manufacture.
Peter Johansson Fronteq

Peter Johansson - Purchasing and Logistics Manager

The job of Purchasing and Logistics Manager includes supplying Fronteq's production units with materials and ensuring that the right amount of materials and components are always in stock. Peter believes that one of Fronteq's strengths is its wide range of products and the fact that the entire chain is within the company, from drawing board to finished product.
UFO high tipping bucket

Joakim Oskarsson - Plasma and press brake operator

In his work as a plasma and press brake operator, Joakim provides his colleagues with bent and cut parts. According to him, the best product is the high-tipping bucket from Ufo because it contains many bent parts that need to fit together.
David Nilsson - Assembler and tractor driver

David Nilsson - Assembler and tractor driver

David is an assembler and tractor driver at our Bygdsiljum plant. He works with final assembly of Siljum's products, mainly Multi Snow Plows. In his spare time he likes to work in the forest or go snowmobiling.
Daniel Temnewo - Fronteq

Daniel Temnewo - Team leader in the machine shop

Daniel is a working supervisor in the machine shop in Götene. In addition to working with his colleagues, he enjoys programming machines and finding improvements.
Jimmy Olofsson Fronteq

Jimmy Olofsson - Warehouse and logistics employee and supervisor

Jimmy Olofsson works at Fronteq's facility in Bygdsiljum. He works with everything related to incoming goods, warehouse management and is also a supervisor. Jimmy enjoys doing a good job and continuing to develop every day.