The Fronteq family

Fronteq is one of Sweden's leading manufacturers of construction equipment for excavators and wheel loaders in the construction, industry, terminals and rock handling and mining segments. The products are used by professional contractors active in excavation, construction, excavation, material handling, snow removal and maintenance of streets and roads.

Fronteq includes the brands Götene, UFO, Siljum and Eslöv. The tools are robust, reliable, and maintain a very high level of quality and technology.

Götene logo with Fronteq
The Götenes product programme consists of a wide range of of robust buckets and tools for excavators. The Götenes product programme also includes the new safe, maintenance-free and brand-independent G-Lock™ attachment.
Siljum logo with Fronteq
Siljum is a well-established brand for the maintenance of streets, roads and large areas. The programme includes buckets and ploughs for efficient snow and ice removal. Siljum's Multi snow plough and Multi snow bucket are the originals on the market.
UFO logo with Fronteq
Ufo is a popular brand with a wide range of products for wheel loaders. The portfolio includes several types of buckets for grading, loading and material handling. The programme also includes products such as pallet forks, timber forks, tilting couplers and much more.
Eslöv logo shield

Eslöv is a brand aimed at a conscious target group with the highest demands for strength, robustness, durability, quality and reliability.
The Eslöv bucket is customised for every need and is used on wheel loaders in demanding environments such as mines and quarries.