Multi Snow Plow X-line

Siljums Multi Snow Plow X-Line series is a very popular, modern and efficient plough. The X-Line series is equipped with Siljum's patented, spring-loaded wings. The solution means that the wing can plough the pavement at the same time as the road surface is ploughed with the middle section. The shape of the Multi Snow Plow is cupped, which means that the snow can be placed very efficiently.

Product benefits

  • Siljum Multi Snow Plow X-Line is a flexible and highly functional snow removal tool with great reliability.
  • The snow flow can be shaped according to situation, need and weight.
  • The spring-loaded wings enable pavements and streets to be ploughed at the same time. It provides high efficiency and profitability.
  • The spring-loaded wings are based on a patented solution.
  • All hydraulics are placed in a hydraulic box behind the top of the main plough blade. This means that the Multi Snow Plow's hydraulics are protected and service-friendly.
  • The Multi Snow Plow can handle really demanding jobs where size and performance matter a lot.


  • The width of the wings is 1220 mm and they can be turned 88 degrees forward and 89 degrees backward.
  • The middle and main part of the plough can be angled 37 degrees to both left and right.
  • The blade angle on the road is positive with 15 degrees. This means that the plough moves very easily towards the road.
  • The wings are equipped with a safety system and anti-shock valves that make the wings swing back if colliding with an obstacle.
  • The cutting edge is changed quickly and safely thanks to Siljum's unique bolt system. The only tool needed is a nut driver.

Technical data

Art. No.Product nameWorking width (mm)Wing width (mm)Height (mm)Weight, approx. (kg)Machine weight (tonnes)
2385012-0311MP 5000 X-Line5030122012802500
2385412-0311MP 5400 X-Line5650122012802900
Note:Attachment standard BM. Spring-loaded cupped wing.
Can be supplied with two or four hoses.

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